My name is Kerenza and I am 34 years of age. My husband Sean and I have two beautiful children, our son Nathan (4 years) and our daughter Lacie (1 year).



As a mother to (now) 2 young children, I was keen to discover exciting places to visit, fun things to do and the very best of child-related products and services.

I was overwhelmed by the countless opportunities afforded within our local area and wanted to make sure others did not miss out!

I noticed a common issue within many community groups and parenting forums – inadequate awareness of such opportunities. Forums were regularly flooded with questions such as:

  • “Where can I take a toddler and a seven year old on this rainy day?”
  • “What park would be suitable for a party in my area?”
  • “Who can recommend an inexpensive yet quality cake maker?”
  • “Does anyone know of a good playgroup in this suburb?”
  • “Are there any dance companies that cater for two year olds?”
  • “I am really struggling with my child’s behaviour, who can I call?”

Ta-da! Go Duckling was thus founded to allow busy parents, carers and educators access to comprehensive local information in one convenient location.


Go Duckling

The site is very user friendly and search results are easily refined to meet the specific needs of individual families.

Within the directory, there are 6 categories of information that can be filtered by:

– Location (suburb)

– Age suitability (newborn, <2 years, 3-5 years, lower primary, upper primary, family)

– Transport options (public transport, private car park)

– Accessibility (pram or wheelchair access, parent change facilities, handicapped toileting facilities)

A full page profile is provided for each listing with detailed information, a virtual tour slideshow gallery and a location map with directions from your given location.

Members of the public can contribute to the site by posting comments and adding tagged Instagram photographs to existing collections.

Alternatively, please join in the banter via our social media feeds! I regularly engage with likers and facilitate community interaction through the sharing of advice, interesting articles and photography.

I strive to provide families with the latest community updates / exciting information and best of all…

I can do this while enjoying quality family time and playing with my children!