Fluffy: An Interactive Play Exhibit

“Fluffy,” is an exciting and immersive play experience for children under 12 years of age. This exhibit will be a major draw-card for the Kids Take Over festival, an upcoming school holiday program at Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gold Coast.

Kids Take Over

27 September-1 October

HOTA will come alive during the Kids Take Over festival – designed for children and by children. The program will feature a diversity of workshops, visual experiences, performances and community gatherings (program depicted at the end of post).


28-30 September, 10am-2pm daily

This immersive family experience combines physical performance, art creation and imagination with 200kg of recycled shredded paper! The audience will throw, stick, roll, crunch, rip and build characters, lands and stories. Performers will initiate stories and help the audience to build an evolving communal sculpture. Kids can also hunt for unboxed gifts revealing clues and materials to start new stories. 

As an added bonus, the experience will allow children to participate in the processes of reusing and transforming waste paper before sending it to be composted.

Kids Take Over – Complete Program