Get Free Things on Your Birthday

The best things in life are free!

We’ve sifted through the fine print and only included offers that are not dependent on a purchase or set number of prior visits.

All you need to do is click the links, register and await your birthday treats!

Food and Drink Treats


Boost Juice: Free Birthday Boost Juice

Download their app or register in-store to become a VIBE member.

  • valid in-store on the registered birthday, or up to two days before or after birthday.


Cold Rock: Free Kiddies Cup with one (1) mix-in

Download their app and register for the Cold Rock Rockstar Rewards program. 

  • must be registered at least 6 weeks prior to birthday
  • coupon will be provided 3 days before the registered birthday, valid for 7 days.


Krispy Kreme: 1 x 4 pack Original Glazed doughnuts

Register online to become an Inner Circle member.

  • must be registered up to 4 weeks prior to your birthday
  • valid for 7 days after receiving email offer.


Baskin Robbins: Free ice-cream

Sign up for Baskin Robbins’ Club 31.

  • receive an email for a free ice-cream on the registered birthday.


Muffin Break: Free muffin

Download their app or visit in-store to register for Muffin Break Rewards Australia.

  • redeem your free muffin anytime during your birthday month


Donut King: Free regular hot or cold beverage

Download their app or visit in-store to register for DK Rewards.

  • notification of birthday treat will be received 7 days prior to registered birthday
  • valid for one month


Gelatissimo: Free gelato

Download their app and register as a member of Club Gelato.




Australia Zoo: Free children’s admission

Register online for the Kids Birthday Club.

  • restricted to children under 14 years of age
  • valid seven (7) days either side of the child’s birthday