Pump Tracks Brisbane and Surrounds

A growing number of families are visiting pump tracks in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

These venues cater for a diverse range of abilities, allowing family members of all ages to join in the fun. In addition, most pump tracks are ideally located within close proximity of playgrounds, picnic areas and amenities.

A pump track is a looped sequence of rollers and banked turns, suitable for riders of bikes, scooters or skateboards. The design maximises momentum, allowing the rider to navigate with minimal pedalling.

These facilities provide opportunities for skill development, improved fitness and socialisation with like-minded peers. 

Bracken Ridge BMX Park

552 Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge

The Bracken Ridge BMX Park is home to the largest pump track in Brisbane (and one of the largest in Australia!) With 640m of competition-grade asphalt tracks, it offers runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. 

More capable riders can challenge themselves with freestyle jumps and obstacles ranging from 40cm to 160cm. 

Even better – the pump track is located next to the Bracken Ridge Skate Plaza. Users can easily swap from one area to the other, adding significant variation to their riding experience. 

Toilets and parking available.

Photography: Image courtesy of Facebook / Perfect Earth

Photography: Image courtesy of Facebook / Perfect Earth

Pump tracks Brisbane

Monier Road Park BMX Track

58 Monier Rd, Darra

Officially opening in 2019, this impressive pump track caters for multiple users of all abilities. The design of the track features two loops – a section suitable for beginner riders and another intended for intermediate and advanced riders.

Given the size of the track, there are also several well-placed resting points.

There are two covered areas for spectators, a nearby playground and onsite toilet facilities.

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DM Henderson Park

43 McCullough Street, Macgregor

DM Henderson Park features a well-maintained BMX pump track, suitable for beginner to intermediate riders. An off-road cycling track is the most recent addition to this facility. Natural resources (sandstone blocks, boulders etc) have been incorporated to provide an authentic experience. 

The site also offers two wooden playgrounds, picnic shelters, walk/cycle pathways and exercise equipment.

Toilets and parking available.

Pump tracks Brisbane
Pump tracks Brisbane

Centenary Plains BMX Club Pump Track

Waller Road, Browns Plains

Logan’s first bitumen pump track is suitable for riders of all abilities. Despite its smaller size, the track features banks and rhythm sections that are of considerable height.

The grounds also boast a competition standard BMX racing track, club house and small play structure. Toilets and limited parking available.

Extend your visit by accessing the neighbouring Browns Plains Skate Park.

Pump tracks Brisbane

PCYC Tudor Park

Clarks Road, Loganholme

Riders of bikes, scooters and skateboards enjoy the small but functional pump track.

The oval shaped track features asphalt surfacing, high banks and grassy surrounds (to cushion potential falls). The area is well shaded and can easily be supervised by accompanying parents or carers (BYO camping chair or picnic blanket).

Extend your family outing by accessing the bushland riding tracks or by visiting the neighbouring football field, skate park, playground or exercise equipment. Toilets and parking are available.

Pump tracks Brisbane

Meakin Park Pump Track

160 Meakin Rd, Slacks Creek

This relatively small pump track is fun for riders of all abilities. It is particularly ideal for beginner riders, with sections of rollers that are quite low and well-spaced out.

Visitors can also enjoy the on-site playground, basketball court, picnic facilities and access to the local cycling route. There are toilet facilities on-site but only roadside parking available.

EGW Wood Park

Anson Road, Wellington Point

Recent ugrades include an amazing extension to the pre-existing pump track. It features multiple loops that cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Toilets and parking available.

Photography: Image courtesy of The Landscape Construction Company

Photography: Image courtesy of The Landscape Construction Company

Apex Park Pump Track

Starkey Street, Wellington Point 

Ugrades in 2021 saw the addition of a new pump track at Apex Park. The asphalt track replaced the existing dirt trail and caters for beginner to intermediate riders.

There is also a fabulous playground for children of all ages – why not pack a picnic and “make a day” of it?

Toilets and parking available.

Which is your favourite pump track in Brisbane and surrounding areas?